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Homes for sale in Dr Phillips are always available. Dr Phillips in Orlando FL normally has a couple of hundred homes on the market at any given time. This is a very famous and large area next to Universal Studios and minutes from Disney.

There are many great things about homes for sale in Dr Phillips. For those who are not from this area let me share some things with you about this community. It is known as a census designated place and it is an unincorporated area in Orange County Florida. Dr. Phillips is technically a suburb of Orlando Florida. In 2016 Dr. Phillips had a population of 10,981.


 The center of the community would have to be W Sand Lake Rd and Dr Phillips Blvd. That location is 8.7 miles Southwest of Downtown Orlando Florida. That puts Dr Phillips about 2 miles from Universal Resort and just West of I-4 for easy commuting. There is no shortage of shops, stores or restaurants on W Sand Lake Rd. The area is famous for them. More on that later.

Who was Dr Phillips?

Who was Dr. Phillips to get an area as nice as this named after him? Dr. Phillip Phillips was a central Florida Orange Juice entrepreneur. He like R. D. Keene was responsible for a major part of several important innovations in the processing and packaging of Orange Juice. During the roaring 1920's he owned thousands of acres of orange groves in the areas from Conroy Road to just below Big Sand Lake.

Homes For Sale In Windermere FL

For the purposes of finding the right home for sale for sale versus history you will find the area known as Dr. Phillips has grown into 2 zip codes. The zip codes commonly associated with Dr. Phillips are 32819 and 32836. This page will be addressing the neighborhoods and communities with homes for sale in those zip codes. Tip of the hat to Dr. Phillips and R. D. Keene for giving us cold orange juice that is processed and well packaged. Not to mention two awesome central Florida communities filled with beautiful homes.

He was a first class man and his family is carrying on his tradition of philanthropy. Several landmarks here bear his name. Dr Phillips High School, Dr Phillips Middle School,Dr Phillips Center for the Performing Arts, Dr Phillips YMCA and others.

Dr Phillips YMCA is one of the best ones I have ever seen. It is the best one I have seen in Florida and it is used by many local residents. The Dr Phillips Park and YMCA are one of the great things about buying a home in this area. You know you have several nice areas for recreation to choose from.

 Before we get to the other important things about Dr Phillips I want to show you some information on the homes for sale and the communities in Dr Phillips.

Below are listed all of the communities in Dr Phillips. As you can see there are many of them. I have placed them in alphabetical order for the most part. In Dr Phillips you have many affordable homes and many luxury homes and condos. Many of the luxury homes are hidden away on streets with no community markers. Some of the others are behind gated entrances that could easily be at a secure government building.

Dr Phillips Communities  

When researching homes and communities for you or you and your family it sometimes helps to have more information on specific communities. If you are wanting more information click to see more on the homes for sale in specific communities. The some communities included are slightly outside the traditional boundary of Dr Phillips. They will be marked with an asterisk*.


Avalon Disney Vacation Homes Point Cypress
Bay Hill New Search Reserve at Cypress Point
Bay Hill Cove Estates at Parkside Ruby Lake
Bay Hill Village Golden Oak* Sand Lake Cove
Bay Lakes at Granada Granada Villas Sand Lake Hills
Bay Park GreenLeaf Sand Lake Pointe
Bay Point Hidden Beach Sand Point Townhomes
Bay Ridge Hidden Estates Sandy Springs
Bay View Hidden Springs Shadow Bay Springs
Bay View Reserve Isle of Osprey Somerset Shores
Bay Vista Estates Kensington Park South Bay
Bay Shore* Lake Cane Estates The Reserve at Phillips Cove
Bella Isles Lake Marsha Thornhill
Bella Notte Lake Sheen Reserve* Torey Pines
Bentley Park Lakefront Homes Toscana
Brentwood Club Lakeside at Toscana Turnburry Woods
Bristol Park Landsbrook Terrace Turtle Creek
Carriage Homes Millionaires Row Venezia
Citrus Chase Mirabella at Vizcaya Vizcaya
Clubhouse Estates Newbury Park* Waters Edge
Cypress Chase North Bay Willis R Mungers
Cypress Isle Orange Tree Country Club Windermere Heights
Cypress Point Palm Lake Wingrove Estates
Cypress Shores* Parkside Winwood
Dellagio Phillips Bay Condos New Construction
Diamond Cove Phillips Grove Short Sales
Emerald Forest Phillips Landing Orlando
Emerson Pointe Phillips Oaks Windermere


Dr Phillips Property Management

If you have considered leasing your property on a yearly basis you should consider our services. We have many homes in the central Florida area under our management and a considerable amount of happy owners continuing to use our services. To learn more visit our Property Management section for more information.

Dr Phillips Performing Arts Center

More commonly known as the Phillips Center or Dr Phillips Center is located in downtown Orlando.Here it is on google maps

The center offers 2 venues currently with a third scheduled to be completed in 2020. Total cost for the Dr Phillips Center will end up being well over 500 million dollars. The three theaters will include the already completed 2700 seat amplified hall known as the Walt Disney Theater. Also the 300 seat Pugh Theater for smaller shows is already available. Finally the yet to be completed 1700 seat Steinmetz Mall. This acoustic theater will be for orchestral, ballet and ballet performances. The Center is in the best part of Orlando. You should plan on walking around the area for a couple of hours and taking it all in. There is a lot there and great dining as well.

Dr Phillips Hospital

 If you have never been to Dr Phillips or you are not from this area you are probably wondering what the city offers other than a lot of luxury homes for sale. I will share a few of these with you in the hopes you will be much more comfortable potentially moving to this area. This community has a great deal to offer. First let's start with the Dr Phillips Hospital. Yes this community has its very own hospital.

 The Hospital is located on the Western Side of the community between Big Sand Lake and I-4 about 1.5 miles South of W Sand Lake Rd. at 9401 Turkey Lake Rd, Orlando, FL 32819.It's a beautiful lace for very important people in our lives.

Dr Phillips Hospital is an amazing place for its size. All sorts of Surgeries are performed there and they handled 80,000 emergency room visits in the last year. Those are some pretty impressive numbers.Like many hospitals it is surrounded by smaller offices where you can get a variety of medical services. Parking is easy and was free last time I went there. The area is beautiful and well shaded. Most importantly it is easy to get to.

 Dr Phillips Schools

The Dr Phillips area falls under the Orange County Public School system. You may reach them by clicking here. Or by calling them at 407-317-3233.

Dr Phillips Elementary is located at 6909 Dr Phillips Blvd. Obviously there are a lot of things on Dr Phillips Blvd. The School is on the corner of Dr Phillips Blvd and Wallace Rd. Wallace Rd is a very nice and generally low trafficked Rd and the YMCA is very close to the school. Most of the ratings I could find online were at least a four out of five. The Student to teacher ratio is 16:1 and there are over 600 students there now.

Southwest Middle School is located at 6450 Dr Phillips Blvd. The thing that I like about this middle school is it does not look intimidating. It looks like a school that belongs in a town not a city. It's challenging enough for some students to adapt and overcome new things at this stage in their lives. I want my grandchildren to go to a campus not a compound. Southwest has a student to teacher ratio of 17:1 and 1250 students.

Dr Phillips High School is located at 6500 Turkey Lake Rd. For those not from here on the other side of Turkey Lake Rd directly across from the High School is Universal's Islands of Adventure. This school is rather large as you would expect. If offers everything you would expect from a school with 3500 students. The Student to teacher ratio is 19:1. A quick note on school reviews. People who are angry are much more likely to lash out. People who are pleased seldomly heap praise. So when you read reviews always keep that in mind. 


 Dr Phillips Shopping

I already covered the shopping in the community of Dr Phillips. But if you watched the video I am sure you noticed a couple of things missing. The shops at the theme parks and local Malls. Let's talk about the local Malls. 

Sooner or later you end up going to a mall. Whether it is for school clothes for your family of just because you like shopping. No need to fear you have a wide variety of awesome malls very close that home for sale in Dr Phillips.

The Mall At Millenia is just a few minutes away. This mall is a higher end more upscale shopping experience. It is not an outlet mall. The Mall at Millenia is not a large mall either. It is an average size mall just filled with more expensive stores. The Link above is to my Mall at Millenia Page. I have a video of the Mall there you can watch. The video is at off peak hours so you can actually see the mall and the stores in it.

The Florida Mall is a larger mall. It also includes a Disney Store,M&M store and a cool Crayola store as well. This is a mall that gets fairly crowded. If you enjoy that type of scene then you should be happy because it is also close to Dr Phillips. Of course there is Valet parking and mall security. Stuff happens but I drive a nice car and I have never had a problem there. There is a really nice food court and some good restaurants there as well. It is probably my favorite mall right behind Bass Pro Shops.

Orlando International Premium Outlets. Really big outdoor mall. Really big. If you like outlet stores this is the most popular on in Orlando Florida. Actually in central Florida. Right Next to it you have the Orlando Outlet Marketplace, Bass Pro Shops and the best Cinema in Orlando the Cinemark Theater. Get ready to commit some time to your shopping. Don't worry you can be there from Dr Phillips in just a few minutes.

One of the questions I get asked is how is traffic there with Universal so close to Dr Phillips. Actually most of the time it is not even an issue. The traffic flow was designed to be easy for it's visitors. So it was designed to not include the residential areas or obviously downtown Dr Phillips. You will see some of the parks guests at the restaurants occasionally but most of the visitors dine in the park.

Dr Phillips Golf

This is central Florida and I would be remiss if I did not commit a portion of the page to the local golf courses. There are 2 courses and clubs in Dr Phillips.

Arnold Palmer's Bay Hill Club and Orange Tree Golf Club. You can drive right up to Arnold Palmers statue and the golf club in Bay Hill. So you can go visit any time you like. Believe it or not there are some very expensive homes close to the club. They are lakefront homes in gated communities. 

The Orange tree Golf Club is a gated community and club. Located just West of Dr Phillips High School and Universal on your map. It is a beautiful club also. I do not play golf. The people there are glad I don't. Think Charles Barkley after a car wreck. That is me on a golf course. I fish. But I can tell the course is beautiful The homes in the club are affordable and the fees are also. This is Dr Phillips and you can spend as much or as little as you want in a relatively small community and yet the crime rate is low.

Keep in mind that there are many golf courses very nearby to choose from. Isleworth and Keene's Pointe are minutes away from Dr Phillips. If you have a taste for a challenging course you can get it satisfied.

Lakes In Dr. Phillips

Dr. Phillips is not a large community. It starts on the South Side of Conroy Rd and continues South to the lower side of Big Sand Lake. I consider it from I-4 to the Eastern coast of Lake Tibet. The zip codes associated with Dr Phillips go beyond what locals consider to be Dr Phillips. There are however several beautiful lakes inside and bordering the community. Click on the lakes to see Lakefront Properties on the specific lake.

Lake Blanche. Lake Blanche is on the Northeastern side of Dr. Phillips. It is actually the deepest of the Butler chain of lakes if you go by mean depth. Lake Blanche is a 122 acre lake and it connects to Lake Chase Via a canal on their Western Sides. Lake Blanche is a beautiful lake with some very expensive homes around it. The Less expensive homes ore on the Western side. The Eastern side has Isleworth and the Southern side has Isle of Osprey. Those are all well over one million dollars. Some much over.

Lake Chase is just South of Lake Blanche. Lake Chase is a 142 acre lake and connects to Lake Blanche to its North and Lake Tibet to its' South. On the North Shore of Lake Chase you have the Isle of Osprey. On the East and Southeast you have Isleworth. On the Lakes Southern Dr Phillips side you have Emerson Pointe. Emerson Pointe is beautiful but it is also where the large power lines cross lake Chase.

Lake Tibet is South of Lake Chase and connects to Lake Chase,Lake Palmer (Lake ISleworth) and to the South connects to Lake Sheen. All of this connecting is why you hear the phrase The Butler Chain of Lakes. Lakes Tibet and Lakes Palmer have boat ramps. Lake Tibet is a 1,070 acre deep lake. A very nice lake for fishing or watersports. On the Dr Side you have The Arnold Palmer Bay Hill Club on the Northeastern shore. Also on the Dr Phillips Side and just South of the Bay Hill communities are Phillips Landing, Bentley Park and Cypress Landing. The more expensive homes in these communities are behind gates.The Home to the right is an actual home on Lake Tibet. This was taken from a boat on a very cloudy day. It is one of many homes in Dr Phillips on lakes. 

Lake Sheen. Lake Sheen has a little under 1 square mile of surface area. It is connected to Lake Tibet and Pocket Lakes via canals. Small canals but canals. Lake Sheen's Eastern shore is Dr Phillips. It's North Eastern shore is Point Cypress which is a gated community. Turn South down Kilgore Rd and you will pass the Orange County Sportsman Association. Awesome place, affordable and a great boat ramp and facilities. Also on Kilgore Rd you will find Huge Luxurious homes on the Shores of Lake Sheen.

Pocket Lake. Pocket Lake is a 128 acre lake. It is connected on its' North to Lake Sheen and on its' South to Little Fish Lake.The Entire Eastern shore is preserve. Its only lakefront homes are in Dr Phillips. Many of those homes look like hotels.

Little Fish Lake.The canal to little fish lake is pretty long but it will get you to Little Fish Lake. You will probably only go once it is a very small Lake having just 24 acres of surface area. Immediately to Little Fish Lakes West is the Turtle Creek gated community. 

The Following Lakes are not on the Butler Chain of Lakes. That simply means they are not connected to lake Butler over in Windermere Fl.  Let's start with Big Sand Lake. After all the bottom of Big Sand Lake pretty much concludes Dr Phillips.

Big Sand Lake has 1,041 surface acres. That is pretty big. The lake is really broken into several sections. On the Eastern Shore of Big Sand Lake You have Townhomes,Condos and hotels on the South side. Above that you have the hospital and stuff. Stuff like stores and entertainment. On the Western shore you have communities. These communities are mostly non gated mature well shaded communities. There are some newer communities there but as for a majority they are well established. Northwestern Big Sand Lake is pretty much Phillips Landing and is a gated community area. Same Link for Little Sand Lake.

Little Sand Lake is just North of Big Sand Lake. Little Sand Lake has 161 acres of surface area. So 1/4 of a mile in surface area. It is a fairly deep lake with an average mean depth of over 20 feet. Twenty feet isn't very far but it is pretty deep. The Western shore of Little Sand Lake is Vizcaya. The Northern shore is  Publix and your shopping Plazas seen in the video.

Spring Lake is just North of West Sand Lake Rd. Spring Lake is slightly smaller than Little Sand Lake. Spring Lake has Lakeside Toscana and Toscana to its' East and North. On its Southern and Southwestern shores you have gated condos and lakefront homes in Somerset Shores. If I was moving I would strongly consider Lakeside Toscana.

Lake Marsha and Lake CaneThese 2 lakes are in Northern Dr Phillips. They are smaller lakes but the homes around them are nice and some of the most affordable. There are other lakes in Dr Phillips but they are smaller and it was not my intent to cover every lake. Any lakefront home in Dr Phillips will be on the page linked below. 

Dr Phillips is a magnificent little town. I hope if you are moving to the area and have the flexibility you strongly consider it. It literally has every price range and type home you could want. You will never want for entertainment either. When your family comes to visit for vacation the airport is just a 20 minute drive East. Below, newest listings first are the homes for sale in Dr Phillips Orlando FL.

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