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Summerport Windermere Fl 

Summerport is very large community in Windermere Florida Summerport is not a gated community and there are many different entrances to it. There are two main entrances on Winter Garden Vineland Road. The Northern entrance is the best for the whole neighborhood. It is on Bluebird Pond Road directly across from Magnolia Park which is a gated-community. The Southern entrance is Ancilla Blvd. This entrance is directly across from W Lake Butler Rd. The East side has an entrance through Orchard Hills. It is on Orchard Hills Blvd. There are sections of Summerport on Bridgewater Crossings Blvd that can be reached from Tiny Rd. or Summerport Village Pkwy. Summerport Village Parkway is on the righthand side at the red-light South of Windermere High School on Winter Garden Vineland Road. 

Windermere Fl Homes For Sale

For most of us our homes will be our single largest investment. I live about ¼ of a mile from Summerport and I know a lot about it. When I buy a home I also want to know about the community and the homes around mine. I want to know not only how it feels to live there but why I should feel that way. How much have the other homes been selling for? How does the home I am buying rank among this part of the community? Those are all important items to consider. You will most likely want to resell your investment someday. So why not take the time to empower yourself to make a knowledgeable yet heart felt decision.

Below I am going to break up the community into practical sections. Sections you would likely use to describe to someone when telling them where you live in this large community of Summerport. I will list all of the streets’ names in Bold so you can easily refer back to this article when you select a home below you’re interested in. I will give the square footage of the homes in those areas, age of the area and market history for the last 5 years. Square footage will not include garage spaces etc. Just heated and cooled portions of the home. The age of the homes does matter. Some may have remaining warranties. Always request any warranty information from the sellers. It may benefit you later. At the end of each section I will have some photos with descriptions. All of the photos will be in the slideshow at the bottom of the page.

The first section is on the Northeast side of Speer Lake. The street names in this section are Bridgewater Crossings Blvd, Ancilla Blvd, Remsen Cay Ln, Gemgold Ct and Walsh Pond Ct. This area can be reached easily from Winter Garden Vineland Rd. If you recall Ancilla Blvd is the name of the Southern entrance on Winter Garden Vineland Rd. Well it goes straight through the community between Walsh Pond and Lake Cawood to here.

This part of Summerport has quite a few waterfront and lakefront homes. The Lake is Speer lake which has 233 square acres of surface area. More than enough to water ski etc. There are 18 lakefront homes in total. Ten on Remsen Cay Ln and 8 on Bridgewater Crossings Blvd. On the North side of this section there are 22 waterfront homes. They are on Walsh Pond which is bigger than some local lakes. Walsh Pond has 28.42 square acres of surface area. It is a beautiful body of water and there is a sand beach on the Northwest side of it. There is also a small un named pond on Ancilla Blvd with a walking trail around it. On this same street is a children’s playground and play area. Photos below.

There are both townhomes and traditional single-family homes in this section. The townhomes may be described as Eden’s Hammock or Summerport or even a combination of those two. The townhomes range in size from 1,485 square feet to 1,643 square feet of living area. These were built in 2006.  In the last 5 years 20 have sold. The sales prices ranged from $159,000 to $217,000. Nine have failed to sell for more than that.

There are traditional single-family homes on every street here except Ancilla Blvd. These homes were built in sizes from 1,629 square feet to 4,414 square feet of living area. No real huge homes just nice attractive homes. They were built between 2005-2014. I am looking at them out my back window across Speer Lake as I write this. In the last 5 years 39 times someone has purchased on of them. The sales prices have ranged from $225,000 to $715,000. The home on Remsen Cay Ln that sold for $715,000 had the best lakefront lot. Sunset every night on their back porch.

 Section two is a small section to the West on Bridgewater Crossings Blvd. There are only townhomes here and they are on two streets. Bridgewater Crossings Blvd and Somersby Rd. To the South of this part of Summerport is a small pond and Speer Lake. On the North side is Summerport Park and Keene’s Crossing Elementary School.

There are 82 townhomes in this section. They may be referred to as Tennyson Park Subdivision, Summerport or a mixture of those two. There is parking in front of the homes but the garages are to the rear on access roads. You cannot park in the street unless there is a white line between you and the traffic flow. When you park in the parking areas beside the street you must be facing the same direction as the traffic on the side you parked on. If not, you may get a ticket.

Summerlake Park is a very popular park. Nearly every time I drive by there are people there. Photos of all of the parks amenities are in the slideshow. Before I describe the townhomes you need to consider this. There is a lot of traffic when school starts in the morning or lets out. You can easily avoid it by getting a townhome here, by the clubhouse, or on Ancilla Blvd. It depends on which way you need to travel. It is something to take into consideration.

The townhomes vary in size from approximately 1,381 square feet to 1,674 square feet of living area. They were built between 2005 and 2007. In the last 5 years 29 have sold. They have sold for prices ranging from $138,000 to $230,000. Keep in mind there is a HOA fee and usually a matching maintenance fee. They are all in great shape appearance wise. I drive by them every day and they are well maintained.

The next section is immediately East of Keene’s Crossing Elementary to Beach River Rd. On the North side is Cawood Pond West and this section is where the clubhouse with the community pool etc. is. There are some really good photos of the amenities in the slideshow below.

There are just over 100 townhomes in this section and 20 traditional single-family homes. The single-family homes are located on Bluebird Park Rd and Sonco Ave. Most of the homes are actually waterfront homes on Cawood Pond West.

SummerPort townhomes  

The townhomes are located on Bluebird Park Rd, Segari Way, Confetti Dr and Keenes Pheasant Dr. There are no waterfront townhomes here but there are some water view homes and townhomes that are right by the Summerport Clubhouse. All of these townhomes have garages in the rear on access roads. Parking is accepted in the street here but not everywhere so just make sure you fit in. The corner on Bluebird Park Rd by the clubhouse can be entertaining so watch out. Drivers often get distracted by residents walking around the pool and tennis courts.

The townhomes here range in size from 1,155 square feet to 2,380 square feet of living area. As you can see there is a townhome for just about anyone. They all look well maintained. The townhomes were built between 2004 and 2005. In the last 5 years 46 townhomes have sold which is basically 9 every year. They have sold for prices ranging from $135,000 to $244,000 Not bad considering the fantastic Summerport amenities.

­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­I have selected these specific areas for a reason. The similar types of homes, amenities for a specific area or the ways the roads are laid out. In a couple of these cases all of those points apply. This is one of those times. This section is where the entrance from Orchard Hills Winter Garden FL comes over the hill into Summerport Windermere Fl. This is on the Eastern side of the community North of Keene’s Elementary School. North on Blue Major Dr. is a pond and another children’s playground that make the Northern Border.

The streets with homes on them in this section are Blue Major Dr., Yellow Butterfly Rd., Saltmarsh Sparrow Dr. and White Bud Ct.

There are several good features about this section. There is a pond on the East and West side. There is a children’s playground on Blue Major Dr., a pier onto the pond and a center court area on White Bud Ct. There is not a gazebo only a large shade tree and it adds to the appearance of the area.

 On the East side of Blue Major Dr. there are waterfront homes on Cawood Pond West. Some of these homes have three car garages which is a rarity in Summerport. This section has 25 waterfront homes, 22 water view homes and approximately 120 homes in total. The homes here range in size from 2,045 square feet to 3,706 square feet of living area. This section was built from 2006 to 2016. In the last 5 years home in this section of Summerport have sold for prices ranging from $220,000 to $465,000 and on average 8 homes have sold every year for an exact total of 40 homes.

There are things I like about this area more than the rest of the neighborhood and some things I do not. The houses here do look nice and are a little larger than some other parts of the community. It is all according to taste. You can get out of the community without going by the school quite easily.

This section goes from the Northwestern most children’s playground East to River Gem Ave. It has a natural barrier to the South in the form of a huge pond. On the Northern side is the West Orange Country Club Golf Course. Over ½ of a mile of Summerport homes in this section can watch the golfers play.

 In this section there is a really nice park and children’s playground between Blue Major Dr. and the Golf Course. There is another really nice children’s Playground on the Southwest side of Indian Deer Rd. and yet another park on the North side of the roundabout on Blue Major Dr. In total there are 4 children’s playgrounds/parks in this section including the small one that is on the far West side.

The roads with houses on them are Red Cardinal Ct., Blue Major Dr., Indian Deer Rd. and River Gem Ave. Honorable mention goes to White Wisteria Way but it has no homes facing it. It only connects two primary roads.

There are 5 large ponds providing water view and there are 70 waterfront homes. There are 44 homes here with backyard views of the golf course. In total there are 153 homes in this section. The homes here range in size from 1,880 square feet to 3,737 square feet of living area. The homes were built between 2005-2006 with a few exceptions, In the last 5 years 58 of these Summerport homes have sold which is a higher number than I would like to see. I would prefer that number to be 46. Maybe it was Mulligans fault. The homes have sold for prices ranging from $240,000 to $460,000 with a median price of $312,900.

The homes here look good and the area is maintained. There is a lot of water view and waterfront properties. If you are interested contact us. We would be glad to help.

The next part of Summerport that we are examining starts at White Wisteria Way on the East a and goes along the Northern Border of the community to Winter Garden Vineland Rd. Then down Winter Garden Vineland Rd to Amelia Pond and Southwest on Caywood Pond Dr. Then Northwest to Cardinal Pond and you are at White Wisteria Way again. There are a lot of homes here and the Northernmost entrance to the community that is on Winter Garden Vineland Road (535).

The streets in this section will sound familiar if you have driven through the neighborhood of already been looking at homes for sale here. They are Indian Deer Rd., Blue Major Dr., River Gem Ave., Flint Rd., Ivory Gardenia Ave., Bluebird Pond Rd., Carillon Ln., Wise Bird Dr., Amelia Pond Dr. and Caywood Pond Dr.

There are no townhomes in this part of Summerport. If you like that style there are some home with the garages behind the homes. When you enter the community from the West on Bluebird Pond Rd. there are 14 on the South side of the road. Behind them are 15 that are smaller and have less traffic on Amelia Pond Dr. There are 9 more on the North side of Bluebird Pond Rd and 8 on the South side where the center court park area is.

There is another ¼ of a mile of golf course view homes on the Northern part with 13 more homes that are basically on the course. There is also another large park area along the border of the subdivision and the West Orange Country Club Course. There are 8 ponds here providing both waterfront and water view to the homes and autos driving through. There are 67 waterfront homes and quite a few more that are enjoying the water views. There are 310 homes in this section alone.

The homes in this section range in size from 1,664 square feet to 3,995 square feet of living area. This section of Summerport contains another subdivision known as Creeks Run and also Summerport Phases 1,3 and 5. The Creeks Run homes are very near the East entrance. The most of the homes in this part of the neighborhood were built between 2003-2007. In the last 5 years 84 homes have sold. That is a good number for this amount of homes (meaning steady community). They have sold for prices ranging from $125,000 to $439,000. The Homes with the garages to the rear have sold for prices ranging from $181,000 to $410,000.

This part of Summerport starts off on Beach River Road to the West above Bluebird Pond. Proceed East around the 3rd ring of houses until you hit Caywood Pond Dr. Go East to Amelia Pond and then Southeast to Ancilla Blvd. Finally go back to Caywood Pond, Walsh Pond and Bluebird Pond. Or just trust me it all makes sense.

The streets with houses on them meaning address numbers are Bluebird Park Rd., Beach River Rd., Caywood Pond Dr., River Gem Ave., Wise Bird Dr., and Ancilla Blvd.

There are 166 homes in this part of Summerport Windermere Fl. Of those homes 65 are waterfront. There are 5 ponds and if you do not own a waterfront or water view home there are 3 community piers on the exercise trails. One on the West side of Caywood Pond on Ancilla has a small park with seating and is really nice.

These homes range in size from 1,570 square feet to 4,575 square feet. The largest home is a waterfront 2 story home on River Gem Ave. and one of the largest homes in Summerport. These homes were built between 2003 and 2006 and contain Phases 1,2 and 3. In the last 5 years 53 homes have sold which is a good sign for community stability. In Windermere 6% of the homes selling in one year is normal. The homes have sold for prices ranging from $181.000 to $595,000. The waterfront homes sold for prices ranging from $310,000 to $595,000 which was the large home on Caywood Pond.

This is the last section before I cover the HOA and the local schools. This border starts on the West side of Winter Garden Vineland Road South of Ancilla Blvd. It encompasses the entire lower Eastern side of Summerport to Lake Cawood on the South end of Nagami Dr., go straight to Walsh Pond then to the Eastern Pier on Caywood Pond and Ancilla Blvd.  Trust me it is very clear why I separated them if you look at a map. The streets with homes on them here are Kumquat Loop, Ancilla Blvd., Sunkiss Loop, Nagami Dr., Nectarine Dr. and Lemon Twist Ln.

This section’s amenities include the ponds, the center court park and pier on Ancilla Blvd and Caywood Pond. Another pier can be found on the West shore of Lake Cawood across from the townhomes. There is a center court and gazebo beside the townhomes. It lies between Kumquat Loop and Ancilla Blvd. Rarely noticed on the East end of Citrus Tree Dr. there is a round-about and a nice park.

This section has a mixture of 222 townhomes and single-family homes but the townhomes are mostly off by their self on Ancilla Blvd. and the Southern part of Sunkiss Loop. There are 75 townhomes and 147 traditional single-family homes approximately ½ of the homes have the garage in the rear. There are 4 ponds and 17 waterfront homes which are on Nagami Dr.

The townhomes vary in size from 1,155 square feet to 2,332 square feet. They were built in 2005-2006. The traditional single-family homes range in size from 1,568 square feet to 4,114 square feet of living space. The homes were built from 2004-2006. In the last 5 years 22 townhomes have sold and 50 single-family homes. The prices for the townhomes have ranged from $170,000-$245,000 and the single-family homes have ranged in price from $202,000 to $601,000. The waterfront homes have ranged in price from $370,000 to $601,000.

Summerport Local schools

Keene's Crossing Elementary, Bridgewater Middle School and Windermere High School. Of course that is subject to change and you should always confirm it if it is important to you. Here is the link to the county site. Never trust MLS information on schools it is subject to human error. Use this site or call and get the information.

Summerport HOA  

The HOA or POA is located in the Summerport Clubhouse at 14501 Bluebird Park Rd. their email is and telephone number is 407-656-4945.

Dues are actually subject to change every year. The meeting to decide this is in the first part of November. I expect the dues will be higher for most POA’s and HOA’s because of storm damage. Normally the single-family homes have been $225 quarterly but that is expected to go up. The townhomes have different fees so it will be best to confirm all fees with the POA before closing on a new home.

Local Shopping and Travel Times

One of my favorite things about living in this area is the great location. For daily requirements like groceries there is a Publix Supermarket located at the Cornerstone shopping center. There are a couple of restaurants there, a bank and a salon.

Even better if you drive just a few miles North you have access to the Daniel Webster Western Beltway (the 429) and the Winter Garden Village. At the Winter Garden Village there is 1/2 of a square mile of shops, boutiques, and restaurants. Places like a Target Supercenter, Lowes Hardware, Best Buy and a Petsmart etc. If you are in the need for travel the 429 can have you at downtown Orlando, Universal Orlando Resort or Volcano Bey in 20 minutes. Disneys Magic Kingdom is even closer.



Summerport Windermere Fl Homes For Sale

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