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Summerlake Winter Garden Fl 

 Summerlake Winter Garden is a large area comprised of several lakeside communities. Summerlake is also an individual subdivision. The communities extend from the Southern shores of Lake Hancock to the Northwest side of Lake Huckleberry.

Winter Garden Fl Homes For Sale

Most of these beautiful communities are on the Southeastern shore of Lake Hancock. They feature beautiful trails, lots of ponds and fantastic amenities. Not to mention some beautiful lakefront homes and lake views. With the Independence community to Summerlakes' North and Hamlin Communities to the West, Summerlake Winter Garden has been the leader showing the way to how to build and operate an incredible lakefront community. After all this is Horizon’s West, which will soon be the most modernized community in Florida.

New Homes in Summerlake 

Buying new construction is a process. The more familiar you are with that process the better it will go. I highly suggest you not go speak with a new construction sales person without us. They are trained to be friendly and represent the selling company. They are trained to get the most for each home. We will be there for you until you move your furniture into the new home. If there is any negotiating we can help, there will be challenges along the way and you will be glad you used us. We have helped hundreds of clients in this process. Click here for reasons to buy new construction in Winter Garden Fl.

Summerlake Townhomes 

Summerlake Winter Garden is a large area comprised of several lakeside communities. Summerlake is also an individual subdivision.Click here to see Summerlake townhomes for sale.

Summerlake Homes For Rent 

Summerlake has a thriving rental market. Many of the homes in Summerlake are rented to people who are waiting to buy a home at a later date, or may not be sure they will be staying in the area. If this is you click here to see the Summerlake homes for rent.

Summerlake Homes For Sale 

The main reason people move to this area is of course the location. True we have beautiful weather, the best lakes in Florida and the best theme parks in the world, but Summerlake is has it all. Disney’s Magic Kingdom is minutes away and thanks to the Daniel Webster Western Beltway (the 429) downtown Orlando or Universals' Orlando Resort can be reached in 25 minutes or so. Shopping at many of the stores we have all grown accustomed to is far closer. Nearly ½ of a square mile of shops, boutiques, parking and restaurants are located at the Winter Garden Village about 10 minutes away. Daily needs such as groceries etc. are even closer to Summerlake. Recently a new Publix Supermarket was completed to compete with the Walmart for your grocery needs and many more stores have already started construction.

If you are from outside this area you may not have noticed that there are lakes everywhere in this vicinity. Most of these lakes are large enough to ski on or fish till your heart is content. We have the Butler Chain of Lakes which are the most famous lakes in Florida. We also have some fantastic lakes in Winter Garden Lake Hancock being one of them. Lake Hancock has a surface area of 481 square acres making it ¾ of a square mile. Summerlakes' shores of this pristine lake have the same natural plants and wildlife that have kept in in balance for many years. Blended in where capable are some of the most modern and luxurious homes in central Florida.

I live in Horizons West. I am not a corporation in New York or China. I drive these streets every day and know almost every street in this whole area. Below I will be doing the most thorough breakdown of the communities that is available online. I will be breaking up the Summerlake subdivisions by street and type of home. When you plan on spending hundreds of thousands or possibly millions you deserve to have the most information available on Summerlake. I hope you will either follow along or simply skip to the street names you are interested in. You can bookmark this page and come back to it as a guide. Hopefully you will contact me, I would love to help you with a dream home in Summerlake Winter Garden Florida. 

Summerlake Public Schools

The current schools for the community can be found here. Use the map feature it works best. Never rely on the MLS for facts concerning schools. Click here.  or by calling 407-313-3233. New schools are being constructed but as of March 2019 the schools for Summerlake should be Independence Elementary School,Bridgewater Middle School and Windermere High School.

Many people approach Summerlake from Winter Garden Vineland Road which takes them To Ficquette Rd. That is normally the way I go there and it is the easiest to describe. It is also the most straightforward way into Summerlake. When headed South on Ficquette Road it comes to a Y where it becomes Reams Rd. Take the natural turn to the right onto Summerlake Park Blvd. There is a large Summerlake community sign that is hard to miss. On a side note little pillars with Summerlake emblems are often uses here you will not always have signs. They look like the one at the top of the page.

This is such a large community with such a variety of beautiful homes for sale I will be breaking it up. After turning onto Summerlake Park Blvd you will come to Porter Rd. on your Right. There you will see your first Summerlake Column. On Porter Road you will see a gated community on the North side. We will be first looking at the portion of Summerlake to its South. There are only traditional single-family homes in this part. Some of the homes have the garages in the rear if you are looking for that feature. There are some townhomes in Summerlake just not in this portion. There are also two large ponds with fountains and a nice center court area. There are no waterfront homes as most of us would define them. Just beautiful homes for sale in a new community. I will be describing most streets and listing them at least once in Bold Type. I am doing this so when you find a home for sale in Summerport that you like you can refer back to the street easily to read about the area.

The streets I will be naming all have address on them. I will not confuse you by covering streets that are actually alleys or scenic unless I would as a buyer be interested in that information. The street names in this portion of Summerlake are Atlantic Puffin St., Bahama Swallow, Key West Dove Street, Laughing Gull Street, Pacific Loon Street, Porter Road, Red Crossbill St., Spotted Sandpiper Blvd., Tropical Kingbird St. and White Pelican Street.

 There are 271 homes on these streets. Most subdivisions in Florida are not that large. One-hundred and sixty of them have the garage in the rear. The center court of this portion is on Key West Dove street. At first glance these homes seem like the largest homes here but they are not. One of them is tied for the largest home in the section at 4,083 square feet of living space. Because not everyone is familiar with that term “Living Space” or “Living Area” refers to heated or cooled space in a home. Not garages etc.

These homes were built in sizes ranging from 1,395 square feet to 4,083 square feet of living space. The mean sized home is actually 2,667 square feet. The homes here are actually large by Florida standards. Most of the homes in this area were started in 2009. Build dates always matter because of potential transferrable warranties. Some warranties are mandated by law. Always get all the warranty information you can from the sellers. Don’t take for granted that they will leave it in the home.

 These homes are newer so let’s look at the sales history for the last 5 years. In the last 5 years 132 homes have sold. Keep in mind most of those were new construction. Those homes sold for prices ranging from $230,000 to $460,000. 

Isles of Lake Hancock

The Isles of Lake Hancock is a gated community inside and part of Summerlake in Winter Garden FL. There are 2 parts to this community and I will cover them in Detail. The focus of this particular Cal Atlantic Community is Lake Hancock and water sports. The roads we will be covering are Freestyle Ln., Isleview Dr., Porter Rd., Pylon Ct. and Skiing Way.

As you drive up to the Isles of Lake Hancock you feel like you are in for something special. There is a grand and shaded entrance suggesting seclusion or possibly a hidden enclave on the lake. When you pull up to the massive electronic gates you get your first peek inside. I say peek because of the large dark red brick walls make it obvious you must either turn around and leave or enter inside the gate.

After entering you are now on Isleview Dr. you can either continue on this street or turn right onto Skiing Way which leads to the newest section of the community that is now under construction. In this section is where you will find the two large tennis courts. The children’s playground with the covered tables next to it and cold-water fountains. Of course it has its’ own parking.

The two ponds in the neighborhood have only 1 purpose. That is water skiing. There are even ramps if you are so inclined. Both ponds are over 2,000 feet end to end with the Eastern Pond being the largest. A round trip on the Eastern pond is about 4,600 feet which is a pretty good run.

There are 31 lakefront homes on Lake Hancock. They are all either on Isleview Dr. or have an odd numbered street address on the North side of Skiing Way.  These home range in size from approximately 2,484 to 7,000 square feet of living space. This is a great place for a home and that was noticed long ago. Having said that there are a couple of homes here that were built back in 1982. Most of these homes have been built since 2000 and the community looks brand new. It is kept in outstanding shape.

In the last 5 years there have been 8 of these beautiful lakefront homes sell. They have sold for prices ranging from $925,000 to $1,600,000. The home that sold for 1.6 million was built in 1999.

There are 2 other groups of homes that deserve attention here. The homes in the new phase and the homes between the two ponds. After all the homes between the ponds have some serious water view.

The homes between the ponds will be a small group of 14 homes. The homes should range in size between 2,541 square feet to 4,802 square feet. Rarely do you get a home with front and back water view. Most of the homes should sell for under $1,000,000. If you ever see a Pylon Ct. street address it is between these two beautiful clear ponds. Yes they are clear I have been there several times.

The final group of homes is the newer addition. The newest addition is on the south side of Skiing Way or Freestyle Ln. These homes are all CalAtlantic homes. CalAtlantic has done this to assure quality in the community and protect its’ name. They often do this and are one of the better builders in the area. There is still a lot of construction going on here but it should be finished by late 2018. The homes will range in size from 2,541 square feet to 4,802 square foot which is a 2 story 3 car garage home. The actual sales prices for this section have ranged from $580,000-$736,000. Contact us if interested.


The next sections will be large ones because of similarities. I will group all of the lakefront homes together at the end of this page. There is such a price difference between lake view and lakefront that it should be done that way. There may be some pond/waterfront homes mixed in.

This section starts immediately West of the previous two. It goes all of the way West to the Summerlake Community pool, clubhouse, gym and the large pond. The North Border will be the South side of Porter Rd. The roads in this section are named Arctic Tern Ln., Bahama Swallow, Iceland Gull, Pigeon Plum Ln., Pond Apple Dr., Porter Rd., Rail St., Snowy Egret St., Summerlake Pointe, Surf Bird St., Wild Lime Ln. and Winter Wren St.

All of the homes in this part are single family homes. There are quite a few of the homes with garages to the rear. There are 310 homes in this section if no one buys a double lot. Of these homes 100 have direct water view of at least a pond.

Points of interest there is a community children’s playground on Pigeon Plumb Ln. Pond Apple Dr. overlooks the Pool and the large ponds and there is a really nice jogging trail around it. There is also a dog park on the North side of Porter Rd. on the South side of the Western Ski Pond.

The homes in this section vary in size from 1,650 square feet to almost 5,000 square feet of living area. The homes were started in 2011 and there is still a little bit of building left. It should be completed in 2018. Homes in this section have sold for prices ranging from $256,000 to $819,000. The homes on the Northern section of Porter Road have a great view of the Lake and that is where the most expensive home was. Remove those homes and the highest selling price drops to $511,276. There is one currently listed for just under $600,000. It is on Summerlake Pointe Blvd and can see the Isles of Lake Hancock Skiing Ponds.

The Northwest part of Summerlake borders the Overlook at Hamlin. This part of the page carries on from where we left off all of the way to that border. After this part we will cover all of the Lakefront properties.

There are traditional single-family home sand townhomes in this section. The townhomes are being built by Beazer and there should end up being about 150 of them. New construction townhomes for sale will range in price from $264,000-$295,000 and the sizes will range from 1,710 square feet to 2,201 square feet of living area. They will be on Blackbead St., Bluejack Oak Dr., Soldierwood St. and Red Stopper Ln.

North of those townhomes there will be just under 400 homes Summerlake Windermere Florida is a really big community. It is also full of trails and scenic views. All in such a great location. The street names here are Belted Kingfisher, Bluejack Oak Dr., Dahooh Holly Ln., Green Mountain Way, John Hancock Dr., John Hancock Blvd., Loon Ave., Night Heron Dr., Porter Rd., Purple Finch St., Purple Martin St., Rock Dove Dr., Snowy Owl Ln., Soldierwood St. and Wood Sage Dr.

Very little space is wasted in this community. There are huge scenic spaces to enjoy but the residents and the HOA try to make use of what they can. I saw a large drainage area on the North side of Porter Rd. that had been converted to a soccer field and it was actually really gorgeous. The last time I was there it was still there.

The Northern part of Summerlake is very close to the amenities center and what it offers. There is no real need to put much more in this area. There is a basketball court and a rope slide on the corner of Pond Apple Dr. and Porter Rd. They of course overlook that beautiful pond.

The homes in the Northern section vary in size from approximately 1,658 square feet to 3,957 square feet. The construction should be completed in 2018 and it was started in 2013 So if you buy a previously owned home there will still be some warranty till approximately 2023. The homes have sold for prices ranging from $258,000-$413,000. There have been over 150 homes sell since the community was started.

The Lakefront homes on Lake Hancock are on Green Mountain Way, Porter Rd. and Summerlake Pointe Blvd. There are 33 homes in this part of Summerlake in Winter Garden Fl. I am only counting the homes on the Lakeside of the streets. A Lakefront home here means you do not have to walk across the street to the lake. Those types of lakefront homes are more valuable. These homes vary in size from approximately 2,555 square feet to 6,000 square feet of living space. These homes are all 2013 or newer and they have sold for prices ranging from $365,000 to $1,350,000. 

Now we are South of Summerlake Park Blvd. and East of Summerlake Groves Street. On the South side of this portion of Summerlake is the Orange County Golf Course. On the Eastern side is Saw Grass Lake. There are 7 lakefront home sites.

There will be around 200+ homes here. They are still building them and I can only guess at the number from what is planned and land left available. 200 is a really good guess. There are 110 right now. This section has its own children’s park and at the Eastern end has a swing set and a wide-open area. Most of the construction has taken place on the Eastern end and the West end is relatively undeveloped. The current street names with homes on them are Brown Pelican Ct., Murcott Blossom Ct., Scarlet Ibis Ln., Southern Martin St. and White Wagtail Ln.

The homes here are the same models as in the Northern section. They range in size from 1,691 square feet to 3,729 square feet of living area. Building here started in 2016 and will probably take at least till 2019 for the homes to sell out. By the way we work with new construction purchases. Having your own representation can be very helpful. Think about it from the builder’s perspective. Who would you rather deal with? Someone with or without a Realtor?

The homes here have sold for prices ranging from $230,000-$690,000. Personalizing a home can add quite a bit to the base price.


­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­If you continue South on Summerlake Groves St. you will go over a small hill. After going over the Hill on your left had side you will see a Grey sign that says Summerlake Groves. This is the Southernmost portion of Summerlake. It has its’ own amenities including a community pool, 2 playgrounds, dog park and tennis courts. There is a mixture of both townhomes and single-family homes in the neighborhood and construction still continues. The street names with townhomes are Ava Jade Aly, Jeremy Joseph Aly, Kinnow Mandarin Ln, Murcott Blossom Blvd., Orange Harvest Loop and Sweet orange Ave.

The street names with traditional homes are Desert Mandarin St., Early Gold Street, Honey Mandarin Way, Kinnow Mandarin Ln, Murcott Blossom Blvd., Murcott Harvest Loop, Navel Orange Ln., Summerlake Groves and Sweet Orange Ave.

The traditional single family-homes in this community range in size from 1,604 square feet to 4,092 square feet of living area. The townhomes range from 1,604 square feet to 2,212 square feet. The townhomes have sold for prices ranging from $226,000-$274,000. The traditional homes have sold for prices ranging from $266,000-$545,000.

This is a larger community than it first looks like.See the site plan here. There are many more homes still being built here. It is shaping up to be a great place to live. If you are interested in purchasing a home I hope you will give us a call. We would love to help you buy or sell a home anywhere in Summerlake Winter Garden FL.




Summerlake Winter Garden Fl Homes For Sale

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