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The Reserve at Lake Butler Sound Windermere FL 

It's a close competition but as far as community, Lake Butler Sound is my favorite in Windermere. Homes for sale are always available simply because of its' size. If you have spent much time on my neighborhood videos or the Lakefront articles I have written you know I have enough information to form a qualified opinion. Notice I said community. I believe a great lakefront home can be anywhere and be your dream home. However the homes around you etc. make up the community. Since I drive the cart and do not play golf. I'll have to go with Lake Butler Sound.  

Windermere FL Homes For Sale

 The Reserve at Lake Butler Sound is one of the most exclusive communities in Windermere Florida. Lake Butler Sound is a gated community on the Southern shores of Lake Butler. Lake Butler is a beautiful lake and chief of the famed Butler Chain of Lakes. If you are not from this area and you are looking for a beautiful lakefront community in Windermere Florida. You have no need to look any further.

Alphabetical Communities List

First the city which Lake Butler Sound is part of.  Windermere Florida is a secretive area most people in the world know nothing about. The term Windermere to them is likely the largest lake in England. For those clinging to this secret knowledge Windermere is the home to more million-dollar estates than all of Orlando. It is also home of the greatest golf courses in Florida and possibly all of the United States. All hidden away in the 34786 zip-code.

Lake Butler Sound would not exist without Lake Butler. Lake Butler is an incredible lake with a surface area of 1,579 acres or just under 3 square miles. There are 13 lakes inter connected with Lake Butler via channels. You can explore all of these lakes and never set foot out of your boat. There are million-dollar homes all around the shores of these spectacular bodies of water. You can even occasionally see a frustrated golfer.

The Community

Lake Butler Sound is a gated and guarded community. There are approximately 211 homes inside of its gates. There are only 2 entrances. The primary entrance and the guarded on it on the Western side f Chase Rd. It is easily noticed and the most beautiful entrance on Chase Rd. Directly across Chase Rd. is a smaller community entrance to a different community.

The second entrance to The Reserve at lake Butler Sound is on the Western side of this luxury home community. It uses electronic admittance and is not guarded. You access that gate by taking the Sandy Shores Dr. exit on the North side of Winter Garden Vineland Rd. (SR. 535). Sandy Shores Dr. will take you to the gate. Inside of the gate you will be on Bridge House Rd. which goes all of the way through the neighborhood to the entrance on Chase Rd.

As we cover Lake Butler Sound I will be separating it by street. This will help you know more about the specific areas. When you find a home for sale below the article you can refer back to the particular street to learn more about it. Large communities are unique in many ways. This can cause different values the same model home in different locations. There are many factors that affect pricing. By the end of this article you will be one of the most informed buyers Lake Butler Sound will have ever encounter. For this I hope you will consider using our services here, or anywhere in the Windermere Florida area.

We will begin using the most common entrance. The Eastern guarded entrance on Chase Rd. After entering the community on Bridge house Rd. We take our first left had turn down Cartmel Ln. The first part of Lake Butler Sound to be described is the Southern part of Cartmel Ln. It will extend up to a natural breaking point directly West of RD Keene Park or 6330 Cartmel Ln. This part of the community has 2 waterfront homes on a small pond. There are 3 cul-de-sacs offering larger than average lots. One is on Cartmel Ln., one is on Wadsdale Ct. and one is on Kentmere Ct. On these three streets there are 14 homes which backup to Chase Rd. Chase Rd. is a busy road.

Cartmel Ln.,Wadsdale Ct and Kentmere Ct.

On Cartmel Ln there are 17 homes on the West side backing up to either the pond or the preserve. These homes range in size from 3,211 square feet to 4,257 square feet of living area. This calculation does not include garage spaces etc. Just heated and cooled areas of the home. These homes were built in 2004 and 2005 and almost all of them have private pools.  I am always interested in when the homes were built. Some warranties mandated by Florida Law on new construction last 10 years. I also always ask the sellers to leave any pertinent warranty information in the home. Appliances, recent work completed on the home etc. It can save a lot of trouble and expense later.

The sales history for these homes in the last 5 years breaks down like this. Eleven homes have sold and the lowest priced home to have sold was $462,259. The highest priced home sold for $830,000 and it was the best waterfront home on the pond. Only 1 home attempted to sell for more. That home was marketed for $840,000 but failed to sell.

The Homes on the East Side of Cartmel Ln will also include the homes on Wadsdale Ct. and Kentmere Ct. because of similarities. This portion of Lake Butler Sound is against a large red brick wall. The Northernmost part is where the powerlines run East West across this area. Ten of these homes have larger than average lots because of the winding road.

These homes are the same model homes as on the other side of street. The home sizes also vary from 3,211 square feet to 4,257 square feet of living area. This section was built in 2004-2005 this will not always be the case in Lake Butler Sound. In the last 5 years these homes have sold for prices ranging from $435,000 to 8,20,000 As you can see the lowest priced home was almost $30,000 less on the side backing up to the road.

Cartmel Ln, Hawkshead Ct and Rydal Ct.

This next part is also Cartmel Ln. It extends from the Powerlines Northward to Bridgehouse Rd. It will also include Hawkshead Ct. and Rydal Ct. There is a total of 36 homes in this part.

The first 13 homes are on the East side of Cartmel Ln. These homes start on the South side of the community park and run South with the back of the homes facing that red brick wall and Chase Rd. The Southernmost home is 6307 Cartmel Ln. and it is next to the huge powerline tower. Only one home in this group is still owned by the original owner.

These homes were built in sizes ranging from 3,211 square feet to 4,443 square feet of living area. All respectable sizes for homes. When you drive down this street it is an attractive street and of course the homes are impressive. These homes were built starting in 2003 and finishing in 2005. In the last 5 years these same homes have sold for prices ranging from $366,000 to $1,350,000. There have been two homes sell for over one million dollars and two homes fail to sell for over one million. As of today, there is one on the market for over $1,00,000. The 4 homes just South of the park are the more expensive homes.

When you reach the Southern end of this part of Cartmel Ln. in The Reserve at Lake Butler Sound you will see the powerlines. Here we turn right onto Hawkshead Ct. We shall focus on the homes on the South side of Hawkshead Ct. first. The back up to the powerlines and obviously that it not a place as many people would be interested in. Full disclosure the closest tower is 250 feet from any home but the lines between the towers are much closer.

There are 8 homes here and they are all nice homes. The homes range in sizes from approximately 3,449 square feet to 4,500 square feet of living area. Most of these homes were built between 2003-2005. The last 5 years have produced sales in this area of Lake Butler Sound ranging from $680,000 to $793,000. Two of the homes in this location have not re-sold since they were originally purchased.

The rest of the homes on Hawkshead Ct and Rydal Ct can be placed together although the homes on Rydal Ct have a more stable sales history. They are on the Northern cul-de-sac, have nicer lots and are further from the power lines.

These homes range in size from 3,479 square feet to 4,238 square feet of living space. They were built between 2003 and 2004. In the last 5 years only one has sold for $685,000. There was one other attempt for $899,000 but the market did not provide a buyer at that price.  

Ullswater Ln.

 The next part of Lake Butler Sound is Ullswater Ln. These 21 homes are all very similar with the exception on 2 on the Western end. They have larger lots and one has a powerline tower about 35 meters from its back corner. It is however a very nice home with a pool and oversized lot.

The homes on Ullswater Ln were built in sizes ranging from 4,648 square feet to 5,999 square feet and there may be one larger which is not in my records. Not that most people will ever need or want a home over 6,000 square feet with a 3-car garage. These homes were built between 2005 and 2007. Slightly newer than some others we have covered. In the last 5 years homes on Ullswater Ln have sold for prices ranging from $990,000 to $1,475,000. Two homes have attempted higher prices but failed to sell. As you can see not all areas of The Reserve at Lake Butler Sound are Similar.

Coniston Way

Coniston Way is similar to Ullswater Ln. Both run East to West and neither have waterfront homes. The both start off on the Eastern end on Cartmel Ln near the community park and large pond. Coniston Way is a street with 37 lovely homes on it. The Western is a cul-de-sac with three large homes backing up to a large open area and 7 homes backing up to a preserve. Other than that, the homes on this street back up to other great Lake Butler Sound homes.

The homes on Coniston Way range in size from approximately 4,226 square feet to 8,641 square feet of living space. Most of the homes are over 5,000 square feet of living space. These homes were built between 2002 and 2008. This is normal in Windermere Florida. Both because of the price ranges and new home construction. The homes sold in the last 5 years have ranged in price from $914,100 to $1,475,000. There have been attempts to sell these homes for prices up to $1,600.000. The highest priced home to have sold in this portion of The Reserve at Lake Butler Sound was $2,665,000. There homes on this street that are in the same price range now if they were to be on the market. Normally there are homes on this street for sale below.

Bridgehouse Road (South Side on the East Portion)

This is the street which connects the two entrances. The Primary and most popular entrance is on the Eastern side. Because the Eastern entrance is so far from the Western side and the Northern side of Bridgewater has the Lakefront homes on Lake Butler I will be describing this part of the Reserve at Lake Butler Sound community in sections. Trust me it will make sense.

The first portion of Bridgehouse Road is on the South side of the street beginning at the Eastern entrance and ending at 11162 Bridgehouse Rd. Which is a natural break in the road. It is near a pond separating the portions. There are 21 homes in this part. Six of the homes on the Western end have backyards facing the large open areas of Lake Butler Sound. There are 6 homes facing the center court. These features seem to have a negligible effect on the pricing so let’s combine all of the homes.

The homes vary in size from approximately 5,388 square feet to 9,046 square feet of luxurious living space. I’m biased because this is my favorite community. The homes were built between the years of 2002 to 2008. As you can imagine even in Windermere Florida it takes some time to sell this many homes in this price range as well as to build this many quality homes. The last 5 years of sales history has homes in this part of Lake Butler Sound selling for prices ranging from $1,475,000 to $2,550,000 with 4 attempts to sell for more which failed. The most expensive home to have ever sold on this part of Bridgehouse Road was for $3,760,000. IF you want to live next to a pretty affluent group of individuals Bridgehouse Rd is a great place to start searching for a home for sale.

The Western side of Bridgehouse Rd on the Southern Portion of the street or the non-lakefront side. This portion is the furthest from the main entrance. Which would have absolutely no effect on me but many would want to be on the Eastern Side. This entrance/exit will place you on Winter Garden Rd. near the Waterstone community. If you are headed to the Daniel Webster Western Beltway (the 429) this is actually the better entrance. It is also closer to Windermere High School and Windermere Preparatory School.

The public schools for Lake Butler Sound are Windermere Elementary, Bridgewater Middle School and Windermere High School. You can confirm that information by Clicking Here. I never use the MLS to confirm schools only the county site. If this information is important to you I can and will confirm it before going under contract on a specific property.

There are only 13 homes in this section. Six of the homes seem to be waterfront on a pond but there is actually a brick wall behind them. The Pond is in the Glenmuir Community. We will group all of these Lake Butler Sound homes together. The homes were built in sizes ranging from approximately 5,182 square feet to over 5,663 square feet of living space. This street is what luxury living in The Reserve at Lake Butler Sound is all about. This portion of the community was built in 2004 to 2009. Mostly 2005-2009. The homes have sold for prices ranging from $1,450,000 to $2,100,000.

Bridgehouse Rd and Kirkstone Ln Lakefront

This is the final part of Lake Butler Sound. It is the Northern lakefront portion of both Bridgehouse Rd and Cartmel Ln. They are all incredible homes on Lake Butler. There is one home being built right now that is going to make a small difference but in a positive way. It is located on Kirkstone Ln which will also be included.

The Versailles House on Kirkstone  

There are 43 lakefront homes and lakefront home sites. These are incredible homes but the quality of their waterfront status definitely differs. Many of the homes are obscured from the lake nearly completely. This can be good or bad depending on what the next potential buyer likes. There are a couple of homes nearly 1000 feet from their own boat docks.  If you are a golfer or have a golf cart you just found another use for one.

Lakefront Homes in The Reserve at Lake Butler Sound

The lakefront homes vary in size from approximately 5,345 square feet to 66,800 square feet. There is a 20,240 square feet home which is currently the second largest home. Most of these homes were built between 2002 and 2014. In the last 5 years 14 of these homes have sold. They sold for prices ranging from $1,925,000 to 5,600,000. There have been attempts to list and sell homes on this portion of Lake Butler Sound for up to $100,000,000. The most expensive home to have sold in this section has been for the $5,600,000 shown above. There have been 20 attempts to sell for more but the market has said no. Below are all of the current Reserve at Lake Butler Sound homes for sale.




Lake Butler Sound Homes For Sale

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