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Independence Clock Tower
Independence Clock Tower

Independence Winter Garden Fl  

Independence Winter Garden FL is 14.3 miles (23 km) West-Southwest of downtown Orlando. It is west and south of the Lake Speer. I actually live in Independence. There is a lot of new construction going on in this area. That of course means there are many new homes for sale. I can also schedule us to see several homes for sale in nearby areas if you prefer. The primary subdivisions in Independence are Independence and Signature Lakes.

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About Independence

Independence consists of hundreds of traditional single family homes and hundreds of townhomes. Most sites just have basic information and list the homes for sale. I personally want more information about a community before I choose to place my family in it. To assist you in your decision making process I have included photos if most if not all of the amenities in Independence. They are in The slideshow at the bottom of the page.

Independence is a wonderful community. I actually live in Independence on Lake Speer, or Speer Lake as some call it. The photo of the sunrise was from my back porch. One of the reasons I live here is residents here get a lot of perks and great benefits. We have boat ramps on both Speer Lake and Lake Hancock. We have 2 community pools which we can choose to use. We have a fitness center that is actually equipped fairly well and with new equipment. I was actually surprised when I first visited it. If you have children you are never too far from a "tot lot" also known as a children's playground. If you are a jogger like me then there are a lot of places you can stop and rest in the shade. All of the amenities here are first class and well maintained. Below the school information I will begin to break this large community up into sections. I will list every street and give you information on the homes and pricing in that section. I will also Bold the street names so you can easily find the ones you may be looking for. After all, for most of us our home is our largest single purchase, or close to it.


Local Schools for Independence

Independence Elementary, Bridgewater Middle School and Windermere High School. Always confirm the schools with the county when looking at a home for sale. Information changes. If it is important to you I will check it. Or I can search for homes that are for sale by school zone. I am very familiar with the county website. I do not ever use the MLS for finding out which schools provide local education for a home or neighborhood.

I will start off with the Northernmost section of Independence. This section straddles Bridgewater Crossings Boulevard. The Southern side is only homes and the Northern side is a mixture of both homes and townhomes. The photos below are of homes in this section and the community boat ramp on Speer Lake. In true North to South Fashion let's start with the North side of Bridgewater Crossings Blvd.

Most of the townhomes are on Driftwater Dr, Bridgewater Crossings Blvd, Water rose Rd, Grassy Point Rd and Evergreen Oak Loop.

These townhomes vary in size from approximately 1,500 SF. to 2,000 SF. Most of them have the parking in the rear. Most of these town homes were built between 2014-2017. I was just over there and I think they have finished the last of the townhomes. Since I am a Realtor and I have access to the Multiple Listing Service (MLS) Realtors Use I will give you the sales history. The lowest priced town home sold for $215,390 and the highest priced town home sold for $253,000. On a side note about buying a new construction home from a builder. If you were the builder would you rather see someone trust you when you tell them the costs or someone with a Realtor who is used to working with clients who are buying new homes? Having a good Realtor can only help and will most likely be totally free. Contact me and ask me how. That will be my only pitch.

The Homes on the North side of Bridgewater Crossings Blvd are on the West end of Driftwater Dr, Grassy Point Rd, Cypress Hill Rd, Evergreen Oak Loop, Driftwood Bend Street or Laurel Cherry Ave. It is still 2017 and I drove up through this part today. They are running out of lots but are finishing the last of the homes. There are some really nice homes here. The homes come in sizes from approximately 1,837 SF. to 4,259 SF. of living space. For those who do not know this does not include garages or "not heated and cooled spaces". These homes were started in 2015 and will be finished in early 2018. They have ranged in price from $267,440 to $415,000. Not bad for new construction in Horizons West.

The South side of Bridgewater Crossings Blvd is where I live. The homes here are on Sunset Isle Dr, Waterside Island Ln, Speer Lake Dr or Water Pier Ln. Water Pier Ln. goes to the boat ramp and pier on Speer Lake.

There are no townhomes in this portion but there are quite a few affordable homes. The homes come in sizes from 2,208 SF. to 4,305 SF. There are no monster homes here. Just nice homes close to the water. There are two large bodies of water. Speer Lake and Lilly-pad Lake. The homes were built from 2013-2015. The have sold for $270-$865,000. Most of the homes on Speer Lake have small boat docks and piers. The lake is more than big enough to ski on.

Now onto the second part of Independence. This part has 2 parks in it. Shoshonei Park and Hancock Green. Hancock Green is just an open area but Shoshonei Park is a nice waterfront park. It has a children's playground that is fenced in and a nice picnic area that is covered and looks over the water. There is also a tot-lot over by Braintree Ln. It is fairly nice and convenient for those who live around it.

There are both townhomes and traditional single family homes in this portion. The townhomes are mostly located on the portion of New Independence Parkway that is West of Hancock Green. There are approximately 28 of them there.The range in size from approximately 1,620 SF. to 2,143 SF. of living space. They were built between 2011-2012 and sold for between $159,000 and $250,000. These are nice sized townhomes and what a great location.

The traditional single family homes are located on Meriwether Cres, Camp Dubois Crescent, Schoolhouse Pond Rd, Manuscript Street, Lewis and Clark Ave, Expedition Street, Point hancock Dr, New Independence Pkwy, Braintree Ln and Signature Dr.  

Most of the homes here have similarities. That is why I chose this as a section. The homes range in size from 1,575 SF. to 4,259 SF. respectable sizes but like where I live no real huge homes. Just beautiful newer homes in a great area that is getting better. These homes were built between 2010-2014 with a couple of exceptions. They have sold for prices ranging from $182,990 to $454,990.

These homes are really close to the Daniel Webster Western Beltway (429) and all of the new stores and shops opening to the West, very convenient. Of course they also benefit from the trails and ponds that seem to be everywhere in Independence. Just a beautiful place to live.

The next section is just a little further South. Many of these homes are lakefront homes on Lake Hancock. There are two parks there although currently they are just open spacesThey are Signers Park and Point Hancock Park. The pictures are in the slideshow below. There is also a pond by Signers Park with sidewalks/exercise trails and benches. The street names are Signature Dr and Point Hancock Dr.

There are 20 lakefront homes and 8 waterfront homes on ponds. Lake Hancock has 481 acres of surface area. There are 640 square acres in a square mile so Lake Hancock is a fairly large lake and certainly large enough for most water sports. 

The homes in this section vary in size from approximately 2,319 square feet to well over 5,000 square feet of living area. There are still some lots here and still some building going on. I believe that largest home size is going to end up fairly high. The homes in this section have sold for prices from $233,000 to $1,350,000. Building first started here in 2010.

This next section has Asa Grey Park on the Northeastern end and Lake Hancock on the Southwestern end. There are quite a few townhomes here so let's start off with them. The townhomes are on New Independence Parkway, Bigelow Street and Avenue of the Arbors.

The townhomes were started in 2007 and were finished in 2013. They range in size from 1,534 SF. to 2,269 SF. of living area. They have sold for prices ranging from $152,000-$248,000. Since Asa Grey Park is in the middle of the townhomes I will share this with you. It is just a big open space with a very large pond. Independence Park is nearby if you have children. It has a covered area and even exercise equipment. Everytime I drive by someone is there.

The traditional single family homes are on the Avenue of the Arbors, Bigelow St and New Independence Pkwy. There are waterfront homes and lakefront homes. The waterfront homes are on the large pond to the West. The homes range in size from 1,575 SF. to nearly 6,000 SF. The homes here were started in 2012 and will most likely be completed by late 2018. The homes have sold for prices ranging from $185,000 for a 1,700 SF. home to $725,000 fr a lakefront home. That record will not stand. Expect one or two to sell for closer to $1,000,000 on Lake Hancock.

 The next part we will explore is just South of Settlers Landing. Settlers Landing is the community boat launch on Lake Hancock. I will put some photos of it below and in the slideshow. There is a really nice ramp with parking and even a wash down area. The ramp has a small pier with some very nice views.

The roads the houses are on are Ticklegrass St, Gauberry Run, Maleberry Run, Old Thickett Trace and Wild Blackberry Trail. There are 3 ponds in this section but no waterfront homes on them. Only waterview. The lake is the main attraction. There are 34 lakefront homes and 25 waterview homes. These homes range in size from 2,026 SF. to 5,467 SF. First homes went under construction in 2005 and it should be completed late 2018. The homes have sold for prices ranging from $165,000 to...... I am not going to list the highest selling one because it is misleading. There is a home which will end up selling for nearly $2,000,000. Way over the current record holder. Not all data gets put in the MLS. I have sold a lot of homes and drive through this area all of the time. I really like it and if I did not already live on Speer Lake I would move to this area.

 This is going to be a very large section. It's boundaries are Lake Hancock on the South and the power lines to its North. Also just to the North on the West side is the Clubhouse for Independence. The roads are Black Cherry Trail, Old Thicket Trace, Blue Indigo Crescent, Ave of the Rushes, Old Greenfield Ln, Little Field Ln, Old Pumpkin Ln, Fence Line Dr, Peapond Ln, Spikerush Ln, Pasturelands Pl, Broomshedge Trail and Breakrush Ln.  If you see a home below that you are curious about you can find the section and information.

The homes here range in size from 1,574 SF. to 6,110 SF. of living area. The first homes in this section were built in 2005 and some building continues. Most if not all will be completed in 2018. There are 30 lakefront lots here on Lake Hancock. There are channels connecting the sections of the lake. There are also 4 very large ponds to provide open spaces and water views to all of the residents. At The Clubhouse there are tennis courts, basketball courts, a nice swimming pool, dog park and a nice billiards table inside.

 Last section bt a really big one. This section includes everything north of the powerlines up to the pond on Whittridge Dr. The Roads are Avenue of the Groves, Broomshedge Trail, Cultivation Way, New Blossom Ln, New Independence Pkwy, Carriage Rd, Pasturelands Pl, Peekskill Dr, Pleach St, Prunningwood Pl, Vashons Way and Whittridge Dr. 

There are a few duplexes here but so few percentage wise I will just still give the Townhomes and single family homes market information. The townhomes are located on Avenue of the Groves, Broomshedge Trail, Cultivation Way, Pasturelands Pl, Peekskill Dr, Pleach St, Prunningwood Pl, Vashons Way and Whittridge Dr. As you can see they are almost mixed in. Nearly 40% of this section is townhomes. The townhomes vary in size from 1004 SF to 2,328 SF. They were built from 2005-2013. Why does that matter? Original warranties by the builders. That is why I always look to see. Make sure you get all transferable warranty information when you buy a home. Even the warranties on the appliances if they are still available. Always ask the sellers. These townhomes sold for prices ranging from $83,000 to $275,000. Quite a few have failed to sell for more than that.

The traditional single family homes are on Cultivation Way, New Blossom Ln, New Independence Pkwy, Old Carriage Rd, Pasturelands Pl, Pleach St, Prunningwood Pl and Whittridge Dr. The homes vary in size from 1,476 SF. to 3,749 SF. They were built between 2005-2014. Sold for prices ranging from $105,000 to $579,000. In all fairness there have recently been several homes list and fail to sell for much more. One for over $1,000,000. I do not personally see any home in this section selling for that much any time soon. But you don't know unless you try. Being close to Town Square is not going to mean anything special to most buyers.

However Town Square is a very nice perk. It is the building where the pool is and the fitness center. There is also a children's jungle gym behind it in the shade.

 One of the best things about Independence is the location. If you exit to the East you are on Fiquette Rd. which if you go North leads to the Cornerstone Shopping Center. There is a Publix Supermarket there and several other stores, boutiques etc. A little further North is Windermere High School and then The Winter Garden Village Shopping Center. There are 1/2 of a square mile of shops, restaurants, stores and boutiques there. Just about everything you would ever need.

Homes For Sale In Winter Garden FL

South on Fiquette Rd takes you to Disney's Magic Kingdom only 4.7 miles to the South. On a average day less than 8 minutes to the Magic Kingdom. When you combine the nice homes with the central location you won't be able to keep your family from wanting to come and visit. Mine does several times a year and I hope the same for you. 

If you are interested in a home in this area contact us. We would be glad to help you with a dream home in Independence Winter Garden FL.

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